Accessibility is and always has been very important to us. We take great pride in the amount of attention we pay to this topic, and thankful to all parties involved in helping us improve.

Just some of our advantages:

  • Our fonts and colors are tested against people with all sorts of vision disorders
  • Our kiosks are wheelchair accessible
  • Our displays are bright and have wide angle view
  • Our animations are kept to a minimum
  • Kiosks have a dark theme switch
  • Booking page is optimized for screen readers and is zoomable
  • Etc.

But that is not all, we are pushing the envelope even further. We have 2 new devices in early preview being tested by us, some of our customers and NGOs.


We are developing and testing an extension to our “Moon I” kiosks called “Portal”.

“Portal” is meant to make the kiosk accessible to very low vision people and even blind people as well as people with movement difficulties.

“Portal” has physical buttons with tactile markings, speaker and audio jack, speed and volume controls.

All of this, with additional software improvements, allows Moon I to be used by completely blind people, working off of just sound and tactile controls.

Best part: it will not break your bank and can also be purchased separately after the queue is already set up.


Another device in active testing is called “Pulsar”. This is a navigation device for blind people.

“Pulsar” is an array of speakers that builds an audio guide for blind people, allowing them to navigate to the correct place, e.g., to a service desk or waiting area. This is useful for bigger service centers with corridors and turns.