Become a partner

Who you are

A local company

We believe that local companies know local business better than the outsiders, that is why you are and will always be better in talking with the local clients than we are.

Bent on quality

We believe in quality service, and we need you to do so too, we are trying to provide the best solution for a competitive price, but being the absolutely lowest common denominator is not our goal.


You have to be prepared to take a stand and try and revolutionize the market.

An integration company

Your job is to talk to clients, brag about new features, collect feedback.

What you get

License percentage

You get percentage of the monthly fee, forever, so long as the client uses the system.

Happy customers

We promise, our system is quick and easy to set up and maintain.

I’ll be your best friend

No, but really, you can expect tech and support from our end.


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