• New Product Era
  • New Challenges
  • New Technologies


  • Natural product lifecycle requires major changes
  • New requirements, hybrid models (booking + queues), more focus on accessibility and inclusion
  • New functionality: flow management, extended booking options, common APIs, better integrations
  • Hardened security
  • Ever increasing speed of development
  • UI/UX improvements, keeping true to our classics

Why do you want it

  • No additional cost
  • All new features will be added to Leyline
  • Best time to request features for free

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • All that InOut has now
  • Hybrid model (queue + booking)
  • Calendar module
  • Ever-improving accessibility
  • New mobile app
  • Android, iOS SDK (integration option)
  • Better admin and operator UI
  • Performance
  • Ticket flows
  • Improved role-based access

No need to re-learn

Better mobile

Why is it safe

  • We are not sunsetting any of the current use cases
  • Automated migration (organization, service center, service, user settings etc.)
  • All historical data is migrated

What will happen with InOut

  • New customers only in Leyline
  • Current contracts can stay with InOut indefinitely
  • Working until the last customer
  • No new features, except for security updates


  • How to start migration

    Contact us, we’re assigning a Migration Manager (MM), who will be guiding you through the migration process from start to finish

  • Do we need to re-educate our staff

    Mainly no, for the most part all UX is very similar, which should make migration as painless as possible

  • What does it cost

    There is no additional costs associated with migration.
    There may, however, be work to open firewalls and similar on your end

  • Can we start gradually

    Yes, both systems (Leyline and InOut) can work in parallel switching branch by branch, with all the analytical information aggregated for you in one place

  • What will happen to the stats

    All the historical information will be migrated seamlessly

  • What will happen to system configs: users, branches, services

    All this information will be migrated

  • Does the pricing change

    Simply: no

  • Do we need to buy new hardware


  • How long is the downtime

    No downtime

  • What about our custom features

    All features will be migrated

  • Describe update process

    • MM gets a contact person on your end
    • Planning documents are provided
    • Terms are set
    • Outside of working hours all the software is reconfigured on our end without your intervention
    • In the morning of the next day MM contacts the contact person for a final check
    • MM in constant availability until the migration is finalized