Bio-Venta Fuel

SIA Bio-Venta is the largest biodiesel production and transshipment complex in the Baltic states, where EUR 77.72 million was invested to establish it.
Bio-Venta’s maximum production capacity is 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel per annum. The plant also produces feed rapeseed cakes, pharmaceutical grade glycerin and mineral fertilisers.


  1. Drivers couldn't queue at the premises of Bio-Venta as there is not enough free space
  2. Since the queue was long and went well beyond the the premises of the customer, it created complications for city residents and road traffic
  3. Drivers couldn't leave the queue or they could lose their place, which was creating more complications
  4. Drivers couldn't sleep, after long driving hours it becomes a safety issue
  5. Drivers couldn't use hygiene facilities and can't get hot food
  6. Since a lot of cargos arrive from nearby countries, drivers don’t speak local or international languages, which was significantly complicating the communication

Communication issues

Since a lot of cargos arrived from nearby countries, drivers didn't speak local or international languages, which was significantly complicating the communication


  1. Drivers fill in the info in the app before the trip or at the kiosk upon arrival (company info, driver info, cargo info, vehicle info)
  2. Information is filled in the language the driver speaks
  3. Bio-Venta receives info in their local language
  4. When in close proximity to Bio-Venta (5km) — drivers park at a nearby parking location with all necessary amenities
  5. Drivers use the mobile app to get in the queue remotely (or kiosk at the premises), fill in their resting schedule and rest while waiting to be called
  6. When called – drivers receive notifications with instructions via SMS or push


  1. No queues stretching to the city
  2. Drivers can safely and calmly rest while waiting for their turn in the queue
  3. Language barriers removed
  4. Bio-Venta is aware of all the drivers in the queue, including where they came from, what are they carrying and their resting time. They also can get in touch with the drivers easily via the system or by phone
  5. With this information system Bio-Venta can efficiently plan internal logistics, which increases throughput

Next Step

Using QR codes issued by the kiosk and the app for on-premise driver authentication

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